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Kitchit Q&A with Chef Cavallo
What is the one kitchen tool (other than a good chef's knife) that you can't live without?

My hands!

Where can you be found/what are you doing on your days off?


Describe your ideal dinner party or event:

Large group of friends and family, everything is served family style, lots of sharing, loud conversation, eating off of each others' plates, lots of smiles and full bellies!

What do you love most about being a chef?

i'm happiest when someone says "thank you, that was delicious!" and you know they mean it from their grin!

What is your signature dish?

When I cook for myself and my family... a simple pasta is all we need!

Describe your most memorable meal:

River Cafe, London 2007, everything was as God intended!

My culinary idol or role model is:

My Italian Aunt Gom who makes the simplest most flavorful meals to My family in Colombia who can feed a crowd w a lot of love!!!

I knew that I wanted to be a chef when:

I had other jobs but couldn't stop daydreaming about my dream job of someday being a chef...

My favorite restaurant is:

river cafe, london, uk

The first dish I ever learned to cook was:

At 5 yrs old...scrambled eggs...

My beverage of choice is:

Non-alcoholic: cold water right out of the tap; alcoholic: super filthy vodka martini shaken hard, extra olives

Five ingredients I always have on hand are:

Olive oil, garlic, kosher salt, vinegar

My idea of comfort food is:

Anything someone else cooks for ME!

My favorite food city is:


Where would you like to take your next vacation?

Greece, by the water...

My "guilty pleasure" food is:

All-you-can-eat peel and eat shrimp buffet, lobster, stone crabs, oysters... eat with your hands, get dirty, drink with cold beer!

When I'm at home and cooking just for myself, I make:


My favorite person/people to cook for is/are:

Anyone who isn't afraid of BIG, BOLD FLAVOR!

My favorite season for cooking

Right now!

My favorite ice cream flavor is:

Vanilla, or coffee

My favorite cookbook is:

The River Cafe cookbook

What is one food or dish that you would happily eat every single day?

Pasta (guilty as charged)

The dish that my mother/grandmother will always make best is:

Arroz con pollo or ricotta ravioli

Two eggs "my way" are:

Scrambled soft with olive oil

The five spices/herbs I tend to use most are:

Salt, rosemary, thyme, oregano, cilantro

You've just been offered your own television show. Describe it:

Well... I have one... on Disney Jr. called "That's Fresh" - recipes so easy you'll laugh! I take a fresh ingredient or idea, then prepare it 5 different ways. Tune in, laugh, learn, get hungry!

My favorite local artisan food product is:

The girls at Lindy & Grundy LA butchers mean it when they say farm-to-table! You will never find higher-quality, more delicious meat anywhere!

My favorite local produce item is:

Anything citrus

My favorite breakfast cereal is:

It's rare that I eat cereal, but when I do, it's Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

What is the one food or food group you couldn't live without?

Fresh, local proteins and produce!

One food that I'll avoid at all costs is:

Usually if it comes in a box, it's not for me.


With the simplest of ingredients -- olive oil, salt, a little garlic, and pepper -- I can make a really memorable meal. Just add a little to enhance the natural flavors of the main ingredients...and wow! Salute!

Unfortunately, this chef only accepts bookings in Los Angeles Area.
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