J. Jackson
The distinction for me is that I am not just a chef; I am culinary curator. Every event is unique and gives me the opportunity to create an experience unlike any. It's the details that I thrive on.
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My culinary résumé
2012 - Current
Private Chef
Full-time Private Chef
Entree Metropolitan, Global
Global catering
The Travel Channel
Travel Channel Fiery Food Challenge - Crowd Favorite
Love Nightclub
Love Nightclub Top Chef Competition - Winner
Food Network
Beat Bobby Flay Contestant - April 2015
Kitchit Q&A with Chef Jackson
What is the one kitchen tool (other than a good chef's knife) that you can't live without?

A good spice grinder - I love to create my own spice blends.

Where can you be found/what are you doing on your days off?

I'm a chef that loves to eat. You can find me at my chef friends' restaurants or writing for my food blog: www.foodiesandfatties.com

Describe your ideal dinner party or event:

A completely customized private party where we create a menu we've never done before.

What do you love most about being a chef?

The look on a client's face when I exceed their expectations. That surprise and joy is priceless.

What is your signature dish?

Anything on a plate.

Describe your most memorable meal:

A proposal dinner for a friend. It was the most touching thing I've ever been a part of as a chef.

I knew that I wanted to be a chef when:

My mother threw me in the kitchen :)

The first dish I ever learned to cook was:


My beverage of choice is:

Dos Equis...stay thirsty my friends

Five ingredients I always have on hand are:

Salt, pepper, bacon, an orange, and BUTTER.

My idea of comfort food is:

Any food that transports you "home"

My favorite food city is:

Tokyo, Japan

Where would you like to take your next vacation?

Perth, Australia

My "guilty pleasure" food is:


When I'm at home and cooking just for myself, I make:

Grilled Cheese...a thousand ways

My favorite person/people to cook for is/are:

Anyone that appreciates the love I put into it

My favorite season for cooking


My favorite ice cream flavor is:


My favorite cookbook is:

The Flavor Bible

The dish that my mother/grandmother will always make best is:


Two eggs "my way" are:

Over easy...I'm a sucker for a runny yolk

The five spices/herbs I tend to use most are:

Salt, pepper, cumin, basil, and paprika

My favorite breakfast cereal is:

Frosted Flakes! It's got the taste adults have grown to love. They're GGGGGGreat!

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