These days we often know where our food comes from, but do we always understand why we’re eating it? Do we know the story behind the recipe or the ingredients?

America is a nation of immigrants, many of whom landed with little other than their traditions. The aroma of lamb-stuffed grape leaves, the tang of a particular pickle, the sweetness of a chocolate chess pie can carry us across time, distance and generations to connect with our heritage. Editors of American Food Roots, a new site celebrating the culture and diversity of American food, will lead a discussion about how these connections can broaden our understanding of who we are, both personally and as a country. Domenica Marchetti will share a taste from her latest cookbook, The Glorious Pasta of Italy.

At the end of the discussion, participants will be invited to record their own food stories for possible inclusion in My American Roots, a collection of video memoirs offered by American Food Roots (www.americanfoodroots.com).

Bonny Wolf, Managing Editor
Michele Kayal, Assistant Managing Editor
Domenica Marchetti, Community Editor
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