If you've ever seen a head of romanesco, you know that food and design have a naturally occurring relationship. City planners, social media developers, product and graphic designers are increasingly looking to food and eating as a source of inspiration. What is the future of edible design? How can flavor and function work together to improve our lives? Designers are constantly inventing new food-focused products, apps and social platforms that help us make decisions about our daily lives. Hear a panel of experts discuss how they interpret food as a subject and how their projects are changing the world.

Linyee Yuan, Executive Editor, Core77
Yego Moravia, HellaCrisis Studio
Chris Lopez-Thomas, Managing Editor, White Zinfandel
Moderated by Kat Popiel, On Plate, Still Hungry
Friday, May 03, 2013
Wythe Hotel Screening Room
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$ 35
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