Liholiho Yacht Club Pops Up at Naked Kitchen
Have you been eagerly anticipating chef Ravi Kapur's next pop-up dinner? Hankering for smoked tako or pig's head or his addictive lotus leaf packets of sticky rice? Or perhaps you are a Liholiho virgin and haven't yet experienced Kapur's wholly original, yet deeply satisfying take on California-Hawaiian cuisine. In any case, you're in luck—Liholiho Yacht Club will be popping up for two nights at Naked Kitchen, on December 21 and 22. In this new space, Kapur will be treating diners to a new supper club format, with individually coursed dishes and a communal, inviting environment that is sure to make the dining experience new and special. Treat yourself to an early Christmas present, or invite a friend (or three) and round out 2012 with a delicious dinner prepared by one of San Francisco's hottest chefs.

Chef Kapur's menu features some of the Liholiho classics (if any pop-up can have classics, surely it's this one) like sticky rice, octopus, and malasadas—but with a wintry twist. On offer for each night are main dining room seats, in addition to 6 chef's table seats, where you can see all of the action in the kitchen first-hand.

Ticket price is exclusive of gratuity, and the dinner is BYOB. Menu is subject to change depending on ingredient availability.
Friday, December 21, 2012
Naked Kitchen
945 Valencia St.
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Main dining room: $75/person
Chef's table: $100/person
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