Poutine Fest 2013
Poutine Fest is Chicago's first annual competition of Canada's popular late-night fast food favorite- crispy french fries and cheese curds covered in rich gravy. Eleven of Chicago's restaurants will submit their best poutine and compete against each other, butting heads in a fierce day-long battle, with only one walking away with the coveted title of "King of Poutine." We invite you to join us, taste the delicious entries from some of Chicago's most daring chefs, and sip an ice-cold beer- all while helping raise money for a good cause.

Just think of Poutine Fest as the first of many love letters exchanged between a tipsy, slurring Chicago and picturesque French Canada, somewhere around 3 AM on a Saturday night. (Okay, so, maybe Qu├ębec is penning exquisite letters and Chicago is sending a flurry of misspelled text messages, but you get the idea.)

Poutine Fest is the brainchild of Chicago's Stockyard Palate, and is lovingly curated by three young women considered by their respective mothers to be the culinary darlings of Chicago's food scene, in association with Haymarket Brewery & Pub. You can find them on Twitter @NoodleHeiress, @sullyeats, and @omgsammiches.
Sunday, February 24, 2013
Haymarket Pub and Brewery, 737 W Randolph Street
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$50 to $65
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